Asset Management with Excellence is what our team strives for; treating every asset as if it was the only one in our portfolio.


roperty Management SF is an apartment management firm that specializes in commercial management and financial management. We are committed to facilitating the highest return on your investment.

We attract and develop sustainable relationships with our associations and build premium services, communication, and trust - working to advance each asset management solution.

Our commitment is to provide premium apartment management technology and collaborative software to optimize returns for each project.

Team Members

Krystyna Leblanc
Assistant Property Manager
(Servicing San Francisco, San Mateo)
20 years real estate and asset management experience.
Business Degree BBA

Maria Cabus
Real Estate Coordinator/ Manager
(Servicing San Francisco and San Mateo)
2.5 Years Property Management,
10 Years Customer Success Management.

John Russell
Assistant Property Manager
(Servicing San Francisco, San Mateo)
7 Years Property Management,
2017 Real Estate Appraiser Certification.

Adam Savik
Leasing Agent
(Servicing San Francisco)

Tiffany Womack
Leasing Agent
(Servicing San Francisco)

Stacey Yoo
Certified Public Accountant
Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Reconciliations

Kimberly Morden
Accounts Payable, and Invoice Processing.

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